Privacy Statement
  1. Laws Regarding Personal Data ICONLady will strictly abide by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong and internationally accepted practices regarding protection of personal data to protect the privacy and rights of its customers. 

  2. Gathering and Use of Personal Data To enable ICONLady to provide services to its customers from time to time, its customers need to voluntarily provide personal data including (but not limited to) those listed on its ICONLady Club Membership Application Form. ICONLady will only use these data for the purposes already stated. Unless required by law, it will not use these data for other purposes without the prior consent of its customers.

  3. Security of Personal Data Upon receipt of personal data from its customers, ICONLady will immediately securely store them. Only well-trained and authorized staffs may access these data. ICONLady will ensure all staffs to strictly comply with security and confidentially policies and code of conduct regarding personal data.

  4. Transmission of Personal Data Personal data of customers may be transmitted to the following: a. Banks related to payments; b. Other parties responsible for security and protection of data; c. Places where are allowed/required by law; d. Parties which help ICONLady to conduct its business.

  5. Personal Data for Business Promotion ICONLady may use personal data of its customers to promote its products and services to its customer. If a customer does not want ICONLady to use his/her personal data for business promotion purposes, the customer may write or email to inform ICONLady .

  6. Obtaining and Changing Personal Data The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance enables a customer to verify if ICONLady is keeping any of his/her personal data, request for a copy of these data and amend any incorrect data. A customer may write or email to ICONLady to obtain a copy of his/her personal data or request for change of personal data.

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